Saturday, February 23, 2013


I'm, I'm not sure how to to take this. Should I ingest it? Should I take it in jest? Not sure what's best. Does it come in a capsule? Or a tablet? A gelcap, perhaps. It will go down easier if you take it with water. Take it with food. Take it with you when you leave, and leave the place better than you found it. Don't take advice from anyone, least of all me. Best of all, or rather most importantly of all, you should always get a second opinion, try to get the best of both worlds, but don't let the world get the best of you. Save the best for last, but save the rest, make it last. Lastly, get bed rest when you're flagging, and hail a cab or a taxi, flag down a ride if the walk is too taxing.

Allow me to interject, to inject my point of view, to jog your memory with running commentary. In the event that your vices become viselike, use whatever is close at hand to devise a strategy. Close your hand around the device that lights up your face, that delights you. Everyone likes you. I can't say I blame them, even when I do blame them, I just can't talk about it I guess. I'm getting off-track, I wish I had kept better track, kept notes. I wish I had given my all, paid more attention, gotten a better lease on life, gotten better at selling myself.

These are the last pair I have, and they've got holes in them, they've been worn through, they're worn out, they're just worn. I wore them across town one too many times, I second-guessed myself, I retraced my steps. The laces are fraying, my brain is fried. I tried a third time and the charm wasn't what I expected, it was cheap and plastic, it was a temporary tattoo from an egg in a machine in the laundromat, it was a permanent marker from the dollar store, it was a transient sense of purpose in an intransigent setting. (I think I used that correctly.)

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