Sunday, February 10, 2013

If we never speak again,

"This might be the last time you ever hear from me" would be an ominous way to start a post. It would conjure up all the wrong images, it could conceivably be injurious, it would be spurious and unthoughtful. I would never start a post that way. I would never dream of toying with your emotions, I hold you in too much esteem, and it's totally avoidable. On second thought, let's be real, I might dream of it, I might have a flight of fancy, I might at some point take a fancy flight from point A to points unknown. I might be likened to an animal of some kind, one that roams, but rarely unpredictably, a simple proof would describe my patterns, but I would be ridiculous to try and pigeonhole.

I might purchase a plane ticket at some point, as I mentioned earlier, and "get out of the city" as so many people yearn to do. I'm not awash in cash, it could ruin me, I wouldn't think twice though, I would think at least three times, I don't understand why you don't understand, or if you do understand, then I haven't been fair, and I promise to try to be more fair.

Just tell me what you want from me. I understand that you think I should already know. But believe you me, if I already knew, you would be the first to know, and you would have what you wanted from me, if it were something I were able to give, if I wanted to give it to you. I'm not sure you'll take my meaning, but I'm going to leave instructions. The trail of breadcrumbs that is not in a proverb, but rather a fairy tale. This isn't fair, it's foul, it's gone south, it's gone bad, it's good for nothing, it's nothing special, it's especially terrible. Whatever. 

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