Friday, February 8, 2013

30 seconds of writing about Space Ships

Times like these, all you can really do is draw the curtains and put on a movie about space, and pretend you're inside a spaceship, and the screen is like the front of the ship or whatever, which I'm not entirely convinced that having windows in the front of a spaceship is a good idea, especially in the front, but I guess the contrary theory, the prevailing wisdom is that windows on the front of a spacecraft are ok, because look at the actual space shuttle, which is I guess a real thing.

I mean I get that you want to be able to look where you're going, even when you're hurtling through the blackness of uncharted space. Is hurtling the word I want to use here? "Hurtling" always sounded to me like it had an end-over-end quality to it, like "tumbling". But anyway, as you're hurtling through space, yeah it's great to have charts or wheteve so you technically know where you are, but you want to be able to look out the front of the ship.

Isn't it probably accurate to assume that at some point technology will be developed which provides you with a large-screen view of what a camera mounted on the front of the spacecraft would be seeing? I mean they have those cameras in the backs of most SUVs now that allow you to parallel park. Basically the same idea. I don't know, glass in the front of the spaceship...even thick glass, or plastic....

So that's what I'm talking about, is if there are cameras in the front of the spacecraft, and all science fiction just takes for granted that that's what they're looking at in Star Trek or whatever, not out the front of a giant potentially vulnerable window/windshield, then it's really very similar to watching a scifi movie on your home entertainment center. Space shuttle glass notwithstanding. This may not seem important to you but it's tearing me apart. Windows on the side, maybe.

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