Monday, January 17, 2011

Being Useful

What's the problem with most blogs? That's right, none of them contain useful information. I think the most obvious reason for cataloging useful information on the Internet, which will be around forever, is to pass that information on to future generations, who will hunch over little tiny computers and read printed words and probably not get all their information from cool talking naked holograms or anything. So I will now use this awesome power I have, tantamount to immortality, to record a message about history for my offspring, should I ever have any of my own, which I plan not to, or more likely for my nieces and nephews, who will undoubtedly be rabid to read about what their weird uncle was into in his thirties. Well what I'm into is HISTORY.

So today I will tell the story of Roe V. Wade. Roe was a man who grew up in Wisconsin in the 1960s, and he fought for the rights of the Abortionists, who were the sworn enemies of the Abolitionists. He eventually died of old age in 1978 (quite young), and that's why you often see his name along with the date of his death - Roe V. Wade (1978).

No, for real, I just looked it up. Roe is another term for fish eggs, and Roe V. Wade was a famous battle between fish eggs and a fisherman who Waded into the water to eat them, way back in 1978 (hence, Roe V. Wade [1978]). The battle took place during the civil war; in fact, it was one of the most important events in American History.

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