Friday, August 5, 2011

Time For A New Post

Well, we're in month eight of this blog, and it's progressing exactly as I had planned - I haven't updated it in eight months. It's actually going far better than I had planned. The response has been just overwhelming. I want to thank you all for your continued support, or should you discontinue your support at some future time, I want to thank you for the support you will potentially give up until the time you eventually stop giving support, and after that I don't want to thank you anymore.

A lot of things have been happening over here at APKWIAB HQ; APKWIAB HQ consisting as I understand it of a number of small whirring mechanisms within the body of the laptop I type this blog into, as well as an imaginary place on the internet where the things I type can be found by you yourself typing in a series of letters and numbers on your own personal computer.

To be honest, I was exaggerating when I said that a lot of things are happening over here at APKWIAB HQ, to be perfectly frank and honest there haven't been any things happening at all. Nothing has been written in as I said a period of eight months, and not a whole lot has happened in real life, either. From what I can piece together from glancing at the front pages of tabloid newspapers, certain politicians either are in or are not in very hot water over certain issues, or never were in hot water over any issues at all. Also, several celebrities may have died (as well as, I assume, several thousand normal people), and the governments of certain countries either have or haven't undergone drastic changes at the most fundamental levels, depending on the country. Music is still pretty terrible.

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