Sunday, January 9, 2011

Upon Reflection

I think it may have been unfair to assume that you assumed that I would be updating this blog as often as I (true enough, and a fair point) have been doing, so far this evening. It was presumptuous and more than a little rude, and also unfair. But now that I can look back at the events that have taken place on this web page, I can get a bit of perspective, a more enhanced perception of what the motives and themes, the motifs of this blog have come to me over the passage of time. Most of all, and at the forefront, is the theme of change. Nothing is set in stone, and if it is, eventually the stone will wear away and that thing will fall out onto the ground, or perhaps someone will notice that the area of the stone that surrounds the thing that's set in stone is starting to wear away, and that person will carefully remove whatever the thing is, and set it in another stone, possibly in a room or inside a small cave or somewhere else where the stone isn't quite so susceptible to being worn away, and maybe that thing will remain set in stone for quite a long time. At least until the house is demolished or the cave collapses, killing the person who so carefully sought to make sure that this precious thing was safe, whatever it is or was, making for a frightfully intense statement and a cautionary tale, to be sure.

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