Sunday, January 9, 2011

Apologies For The Title Of My Last Post

I realize now that I incorrectly titled my most recent blog post "Tonight At The Bodega", and then proceeded to write mostly about dogs and whether they have armpits or not. Needless to say, I'm sure this was a big letdown to everyone who wanted to know what ACTUALLY happened tonight at the bodega, or perhaps just to bodega enthusiasts, or to someone who may be googling "how do I get to the bodega" + "tonight". Allow me to explain. I really had quite a funny little anecdote that I had written in the text box for my most recent post, or maybe it was more of a story, no - let's say anecdote, about what happened tonight when I went to the bodega. HOWEVER (here's the explanation) I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE TEXT. I know, computers, right? Well, you can all breathe a huge sigh of relief, because I will now tell you what the anecdote was basically about. It was basically about how I went to the bodega, and a Daft Punk song was playing over the radio, and the men who work at the bodega were singing along to it. Isn't that something? My original draft of the Bodega Story was a bit more nuanced, I guess, and was really quite hilarious - possibly my funniest and most hilarious update so far on this blog. Did I mention the part about the guy who came in and tried to use the cash machine, but it wouldn't give him any money? Needless to say, we all had a good laugh about that one. Except him, he seemed rather angry that he could not obtain any money. He wasn't laughing at all, if you know what I mean! Actually none of us - me OR the men who worked at the bodega OR the other customers - were physically laughing. But I'm quite sure we all shared a moment of knowing superiority that left a smile in all of our hearts, if not on our faces. So that pretty much wraps up the entire synopsis of the Bodega Story. I hope I haven't left anything out...I paid cash, got a sandwich and some juice...nope, that's everything! Oh I remember! I wanted to apologize again for the title of the last blog post, formally, one last time, for it was terribly misleading and potentially quite disappointing, a situation I think I have quite neatly remedied with this current blog post. Again, sorry.

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