Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meshuggah 5/24/12

Saw Meshuggah at Terminal 5 last night, great show, cool lights. Very confusing pit. Actually the lights had some part in that, since during the most insane parts there was usually a strobe light going, and everyone's afraid to dance when the strobe light is on. You got your headbanging guy whipping you with his hair, you got your muscle dudes, you got your free-range dirtbags, you got me. I haven't been to a metal show in a while.

Meshuggah are whatever at this point to whoever, seems like: They're not stonery or black; they're too complicated to attract dedicated mosh meatheads, they're not blasty enough for extreme heads. They have their dedicated people, I guess. It's cool to see a bunch of kids pounding polyrhythms on their chests while banging their heads in 4/4.

I alternated between being down in it and being high above it all on Terminal 5's 3rd-story balcony (where you basically have the same view as the HDTV that's hanging right above your head). I enjoyed it. I fucking enjoyed it, OK? I don't know why I'm being so defensive about it. It was a really cool show. The musicianship of course was way above par, the theatrics were tasteful, the atmosphere was appropriately insane. Definitely a punishing experience, cathartic. 

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