Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This Weekend - MIB3, and Rorshach/Converge/Indecision/Xaddax

This blog is starting to be about me revisiting stuff I was into 14 years ago, and seeing how it all holds up. That's fine with me I guess. I really liked Men In Black, which came out in 1997 (the year I graduated high school), and was really into Converge from about 1998-2001 or so. Well, I should qualify those statements - I didn't like MIB 2, and I didn't like Converge's When Forever Comes Crashing (I might like it now; at the time I thought there like wasn't enough snare drum or something). So I'm not the hugest fan. Not a huge fan. There are huger fans than me.

I went to see MIB3 in an actual movie theater, paid actual money that I don't have, to see it (paying money to see movies is becoming more and more anathema to me). I wasn't disappointed, and I got to be that annoying guy who is always pointing out when his neighborhood appears in a movie (the diner is really close to where I live; in fact, it had been closed for a while, and I walked by it one night and it appeared to be suddenly open for business, and I walked in, and stood there for a minute waiting for a table or whatever, until a guy with a headset came up from behind the counter and informed me that it was a set [for MIB3], and I should leave).

Will Smith? Yeah, I know. Tommy Lee Jones (TLJ) though. Plus Josh Brolin as Tommy Lee Jones. I wonder how much Motley Crue fan mail TLJ accidentally received when Tommy Lee and co. were in their heyday? It makes me a little sad to picture him opening what was probably the rare piece of correspondence (it being the mid-80's/early nineties...I suppose I'm discounting the possible existence of a lot of elementary-school-age [or residual middle-age] Coal Miner's Daughter fans), only to be disappointed, or maybe excited at the occasional boobs pic. Maybe it could have been a great thing for him, I don't know.

The abovementioned hardcore show was weird. I missed Xaddax and Indecision, got there halfway through Converge, and it was pretty boring. Granted, I only really liked two or so songs off of their most recent album (whatever it was called) and I liked Jane Doe but haven't listened to it in a while. Anyway they played like 4 new songs, and everything was just that d-beat stuff with single-guitar riffing that's a little too spare for me. I mean, Converge haven't been doing the dual-guitar supermosh in like ten years, so don't know what I was expecting. My favorite time seeing them was at the University of Hartford in 1999, I believe? They played on the floor in some multipurpose room, and there were like 45 kids there. Oh well. 

Rorschach were good - this was a reunion show, just FYI. I have an LP of theirs that I never really liked, but they sounded totally different on it (especially the vocals - strange hoarse vocals were absent, high-pitched non-shredding scream vocals were present). However, other than some old heads, it seemed like no one really knew them, so they were sick and heavy and I felt like the show should have been insane, but nobody was reacting to the songs, so it was kind of like it was their first show and it was going really well.

I think I need to get into some new stuff.   

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  1. Try Ratasucia on Asian Man Records. Featuring 2/4ths of the old Honor System line-up. Way more gritty and "rock" than the Honor System.