Friday, April 13, 2012

Jokes To Watch In 2012

It's about halfway into the year, so that means it's time for the APKWIAB Joke Index. These are some jokes that made a strong showing in previous years (we at APKWIAB have given up on the possibility of any new or original jokes this year), and are the contenders for Trope Of The Year at our big award ceremony gala sacrificial birth ritual in December.

- "That's what she said" - Still holding strong out there. Showing an especially strong trending popularity spike among men slightly too old to use this joke, and, strangely enough, among a select few actual funny people who either adroitly use it with post-millenial wraparound double irony or who wait for an absolutely perfect time to use it.

- Mullet Jokes - You might have thought jokes about hockey hair had reached their peak mainstream awareness when that mullet book came out in 1999 - and you would have been right. Nevertheless, you can still count on someone to break out every nickname ever coined for hair that's long in the back/short in the front, should the opportunity arise, and that has kept these jokes as strong contenders.

- "Seriously?" - This is not a joke, it's just one word. But it is looking like this single word is in the running to win our grand prize, the "J'oke D'or", at our Joke Festival later this year. How you use it is, someone says something, then you say the word, and that's the whole thing. (That reminds me, look for our Joke Instruction Manual in stores and through online retailers later this month.)

That's all for now - just wanted to keep you abreast of the latest knockers at the door of Joke Greatness, the contenders for the Great Joke Cup, the ones you can always count on some boobs out there to keep in the mammaries of the public. Nipples.  

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