Saturday, January 23, 2016

David Bowie's Lesser-Known Personas

With the recent passing of David Bowie, much of his earlier work has been coming to light. But did you know he had over seven hundred alternate idenities other than Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke? Here are 24 of them:

1. Lance, The Space Concierge

2. Quite Mysterious And Lithe James Jonesington

3. Pointy-Hatted Ronald

4. Lord Xerox And His Many Doubles

5. Sly Skyscraper, The President Of The Universe

6. Four-Wheel-Drive Dave, The All-American Truck Chief

7. Mister Very Tall Shoes

8. Tanned And Tawny General Sprawlsprocket

9. The Dancingest Haberdasher Of Canal Street

10. Sergeant Warm Handshake

11. The Yellow Martyred Man Of Mystery And Mustard

12. Dirty Captain Bungler

13. The Most Beautiful-Smelling Woman On Terrestrial Earth

14. The Surprisingly Lonely Bombardier

15. Paul Voluminous-Chunks, Mountain-Rangin' Man

16. Doctor Nimble Trousers, DDS

17. Quantum Fuck Master Orange Eyes

18. Largely Omnipotent Admiral Z

19. Lightly-Used Leonard, The Secondhand Android

20. International Estate Agent Michael And His Beguiling Assistant Alice Quail (both characters)

21. Sooty Tarnish, The Fabulously Wealthy Chinneysweep

22. Magical Herman Kowalski

23. Sparkle Taptoes And His Majestic Sherman Tank Full Of Great-Tasting Oatmeal

24. The Misbehaving Wolf Wrangler

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