Sunday, March 24, 2013

I think the Internet needs another article about "Mashup Culture"

and I'm just the guy to write it. I know all the important and pertinent facts and facets of this youth-oriented movement. From Girl Talk to bacon-wrapped hotdogs, the young youth love to mash things up. I think it all started with rap, as everyone knows.

The most relevant thing to remember when examining Mash-Up Culture is: 2005. and. Older folks don't understand the need to take something old and re-frame it as, juxtapose it with, if you will, Mash it into the middle of, if you will, something contemporary and familiar. Jay-Z.

I like to take food and literally mash it up with other food, sometimes in a blender, sometimes manually (with my hands), and eat it.

I don't really cook, I just cram a bunch of ingredients in my mouth and use my teeth gums and tongue to squish (mash) them all together. The human digestive system was probably the first thing that created a mashup, to a terrific reception. Gross. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. 

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  1. I just watched Gangnam dance. Its even better than they say.